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Lenovo-windows-touchscreenThere has been a huge buzz in the online space about Windows 8 , the latest offering from Microsoft as it’s flagship operating system, which has been praised as revolutionary by many tech critics. Touchscreen Laptops with Windows 8 are set to hit the market by storm in the next while. In terms of design Windows 8 is fundamentally different to almost all operating systems that have preceded it. Moving away from the conventional design their latest operating system is built fundamentally different to how previous versions of Windows and almost all operating systems have been designed. The focus is simplifying and removing the clutter and also the “real life” element that was initially require din order to make the first PC’s usable. Today’s day and age however people are well equipped to handle the digital onslaught brought to them by almost all the devices in their lifes. This means we no longer need to focus on making digital elements correlate to real life.

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This paradigm shift has pushed Microsoft in a completely new direction to were they were going before, and opened up new possibilities for laptops that would have been unheard of in the past. The biggest difference is that the touchscreen completely changes the way that people interact with these devices. Moving away from a click based operation means closer relation to tablets an smartphones which are of course all over the place . The market is set to be rocked hard by this onslaught of awesome touchscreens. Tablets and smartphones both have something going for them but touchscreen laptops will be bringing this technolgoy to a whole new market altogether. It won’t be long until all monitors are also touchscreen as well though be sure the mouse and keyboard will put up a valiant fight before their demise.

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