Christmas time is traditionally a part of the year when families do a lot of travelling and driving to see their friends and relations.  Many of these car journeys will be ably assisted by an in-car GPS device, and none more so than the ever popular Garmin Nuvi range of products.

Garmin Nuvis are superb portable navigators, however, due to the mapping software being loaded onto the unit there will become a time when you’re Garmin Nuvi maps become out of date and will need a refresh – and of course this is very important over Christmas when you might be driving to places that you are not familiar with.

Thankfully the manufacturer offers a map update service to both new and existing customers and users of the Nuvi range and there are a number of different options available to you should you wish to upgrade your maps.  Existing customers can benefit from two different options:

  • nuMaps Onetime Map Updates
  • nuMaps Lifetime Map Updates

How Much Do New Garmin Maps Cost?

The Onetime refresh costs just under $50 US Dollars and means that you can download a one-off update of your Garmin Nuvi maps straight to the device via USB and a decent Internet connection.

If you have a large budget and intend to keep your GPS for a couple of years then the nuMaps Lifetime offer might be better for you.  This costs less than $80 US Dollars and means you can download new Garmin maps for up to 4 times every year for as long as you own the product.

What About Free Garmin Map Updates?

Free Garmin map updates are available for customers who have owned their Nuvi for less than 90 days or three calendar months.  In order to see if you qualify for a free map update you will need to register the product on the official Garmin website and use their intuitive online map checker.

Once approved the update process is very easy and should take no longer than one hour before you can start driving again with renewed confidence and the most up to date directions that Garmin can offer.

Make sure you take advantage of these Garmin map updates before you set off this Christmas as it could mean the difference between you seeing your relations on time for that family dinner – or missing it completely – which at this time of year would be a huge shame!

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