The New Canon PowerShot A490 is one of the best small cameras on the market. Consumers are always looking for a camera that is affordable, easy to use, and one that can take clear shots. Most PowerShot A490 cameras can be found at a retail store in your area. If you go online, you can also find new and used Canon A490 cameras at very low prices. Follow us to learn more about this Canon product line that is becoming very popular among buyers.

The Canon A490 PowerShot Pros


There are many pros to consider when deciding to buy an A490 camera. The A490 is small enough to fit into your pocket. It is very light and it takes excellent pictures. Customers have stated that they have received a good camera at a reasonable price. Popular consumer magazines and agencies have given the PowerShot A490 excellent reviews. When you get a chance, read the Canon camera reviews, so that you will become a more informed buyer. Although the A490 fits in the hand easily, most customers like it because it is easy to use. Seniors enjoy using this camera because all they have to do is point and click. Overall, customers love the A490 professional looking pictures.

The Canon A490 PowerShot Cons

There are a few cons to consider when deciding to buy an A490 camera. Some customers have stated that the camera is slow because it takes about 5 to 10 seconds before you can take the next picture. The batteries have a short life but you can use rechargeable batteries. Customers have also said that the A490 should have been made out of better materials. Several customers complained that this camera did not come with a memory card and the batteries were not included in the purchase. One customer also said that the A490 had a low resolution and that the battery door was poorly constructed. To get more information, read the Canon A490 review.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line tells us that it is the consumers personal decision to buy the A490 based on their needs. This is an excellent camera that can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look and read the Canon PowerShot A490 digital camera review.

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