While the components inside of laptops keep getting better and better, laptops under 300 are now laptops worth owning. You don’t need to be as cautious as before when purchasing one of these devices because for the average user cheap laptops under 300 will suit you just fine. Unless you’re a gamer there is no need to drop big bucks on a new computer.

Most users are going to need a laptop that is capable of accessing the internet and doing some word processing. All new laptops you purchase today are very capable of performing these tasks quite well. There are a few key features you should look for when searching for laptops under 300. First is processor. I would try to find one that is 2Ghz or faster. Next is memory. You should get at least 2GB if a laptop, and 1GB if it’s a netbook. And more is always better. The hard drive should be at least 160GB of storage space and you should look for hard drive speed of at least 5400 rpm.

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The best places to look for laptops in this price range are EBay and Craigslist. These are also considered the most dangerous places to buy from as well. If purchasing on EBay, be sure to check the seller’s feedback and make sure they are a reputable seller. I usually ask a few redundant questions to see what the seller’s response time is. With Craigslist, ask as many questions as you can. Be sure to thoroughly test the laptop and meet at a safe place. My usual is the police department parking lot. I have never had a bad experience when the buyer/seller meets at the local police department! Make sure the surroundings are safe and you have somebody with you! Whichever was you decide to go, be smart in your decision. Ask any question that comes to mind not only to answer your questions but test the seller!

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