laptops-400-dollarsWhen looking at laptops under 400 dollars you’ll need the right know-how to understand all the tech lingo. This article aims to introduce users to the fundamental specs that are important when considering buying a laptop. Different users will have different requirements and there’s n0 use wasting money on features that you don’t need when searching for the right laptop under 400 dollars for you. Once you are familiar with the basics you should be all set to start doing your own research on laptops to find what that lines up perfectly with your requirements and your budget.

Laptops CPUs  ( Processors)

The central processing unit (CPU or simply processor) provides the backbone for any laptop. Faster processing speeds will allow your laptops to run applications faster and handle more work for intensive applications. It is of course critical for gaming and any other users that plan on using powerful applications. In contrast a user that only needs to use Word applications or just browser the web won’t need such a powerful processor when searching for a laptop under $400. CPU’s processing power are measured in GHz (Gigahertz) . This isn’t the only factor though – CPU’s can have multiple cores, so a 2GHz Dual Core will have two 2Ghz cores. Naturally, the more core’s the better , and the faster the over all clockspeed in GHz the faster the processor will run.

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Laptop RAM (Memory)

RAM (Random Access memory) or just memory is the buffer that will allow your laptop to run multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down your laptop.  RAM is just as important as a CPU in the overall buying decision as without enough of it your computer will become sluggish. This is especially apparent when using  lots of different applications at the same time and on slower computer with not a lot of RAM you will often get extreme amounts of lag.

Mobile Graphics Cards

Graphics cards are important for users that either use their laptops for gaming or also for multimedia applications such as photo for video editing. They provided graphical processing power that is used for things such 3D rendering and any dynamic visual processing for games or other applications. The amount of memory and the speed of the memory are the most important elements when deciding on a graphics card.

It’s not enough to consider a single item from all of the above when looking for a laptop under 400 dollars – you need to consider the overall value of each component and whether you need it or not before making a buying decision. Some sites such as LaptopNinja offer review aggregation services for laptops which can help. Some users will straight out not need any graphics cards at all, whereas for gamers it might be the key decision. On the other end of the scale students who just want to study and use Word processors will likely not need a Graphics card or much RAM / processing power. These users can focus more on portability and build quality.

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