Computer communication collageWhile laptop computers continue to fall in price, netbooks keep getting better and better. It’s hard to find new laptops under 300 until recently. If an optical drive (CD/DVD) is not a necessity then you should take a good look at a netbook. They are some of the laptops under 300 dollars and with a few minor tweaks you can really maximize what you have.

One of my long time customers called me up a few months back and told me she needed a laptop. She isn’t very computer literate and I used to constantly answer miniscule questions pertaining to her work computers. With this in mind I started brainstorming on how I could better solve her needs and cut out the multiple calls per week that usually ended up in me talking her through scanning computers for adware/malware. I have been a long time Linux user and love the fact that there is no need to have anti-virus software.

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I ordered a netbook for her and downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix. About an hour later I had reformatted the hard drive, installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix and was downloading updates. All of the drivers installed perfectly with no issues. The layout is extremely user friendly and you can customize what you want and need without the extra clutter of unnecessary applications. That evening I tested the device and was amazed at how well everything ran! Battery life was almost double and speed was much better than any netbook I’ve used with Windows installed.

I’m glad to say every week when I call to check in she is still very happy and has had virtually no problems! She is the best success story to date on converting to Linux and is going to have me set up ten more of these for her employees. Netbooks can be the best new laptops under 300 and with a few minor tweaks they can be amazing mini laptop computers!

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