Best Core i3 Laptop Models

A lot of people today are looking for highly portable computing devices that they can easily bring with them. This is why manufacturers have come up with several models to satisfy the market. One of the popular choices today is the netbook that is very portable yet has one major drawback; it uses an Intel Atom processor which is not that powerful.
One other alternative to this is to buy a core i3 mini laptop model. These laptops have an average screen size of 11 inches which makes them easy to bring along with you at the same tie it uses Intel’s latest Core i3 processor which is powerful enough to handle the most demanding tasks.

Here are some of the best mini core i3 laptop models to choose from that are popular.

Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6478 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
On top of our list is the Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6478 11.6 inch laptop. This model is priced lower than a MacBook Air yet has much more powerful specifications. It uses a dual core Intel Core i3-380UM running at 1.33 GHz and comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics chip. There’s 3 GB of installed RAM and a storage space of 320 GB. You will be able to enjoy watching 720p HD quality videos or play the latest 3D games on this model.

Samsung Series 9 NP900X1A-A01US 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
For people who demand more from their laptop then the Samsung Series 9 NP900X1A-A01US might be the right model. It also uses the Intel Core i3-380UM dual core processor at 1.33 GHz and comes with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. What makes this laptop special is that it uses a 64 GB SSD instead of a regular hard drive and comes with 4G WiMax support. This means that if you are not near any Wi-Fi hotspot you can use the extremely fast 4G connection from your mobile provider.

ASUS UL20FT-B1 12-Inch Laptop (Silver)
Rounding up our top choices is the ASUS UL20FT-B1. Although it comes with a 12 inch screen size, it is still very portable. It uses a Intel Core i3-380UM processor and uses an integrated Intel HD Graphics chip. You will be able to squeeze in 6 hours of battery life from this model before you need to recharge it.

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